Foreclosure Prevention Counseling


Foreclosure Prevention Counseling

At HELP, we provide complete Foreclosure Prevention Counseling including assistance with questions and applications to the Florida Hardest Hit Program. Take that first step and contact us about your mortgage. We understand how hard facing a foreclosure can be and we promise to work with you to find a resolution to your situation. We are a HUD-approved, non-profit counseling agency. Our objective is to review your current financial situation and help you determine the best alternative to foreclosure.

To assist us in providing you with the most effective and efficient service, please DOWNLOAD and complete the Foreclosure Prevention Counseling Package which includes the Uniform Borrower Assistance Form and a detailed budget form. Please fill these forms out as thoroughly as possible. Follow the Document Checklist closely and provide us will all requested documentation and signatures.

You will find there is an emphasis on being truthful. We cannot help with a resolution unless we have a complete and accurate picture of your situation. A plan based on only part of your information is certain to fail.

Take that first step in resolving your situation. Download and fill out the forms today and return them to our office.


Call us to receive upload link to our secure server: (239) 434-2397
Fax Forms to: (239) 430-2387
Mail Forms or bring in-person: 3200 Bailey Lane, Suite 109, Naples, FL 34105

We look forward to working with you!

~HELP Counseling Staff

Download Foreclosure Prevention Forms